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Jay Cutler for MVP



    Peyton Manning ... Tom Brady ... Jay Cutler? Is it so crazy to think that Jay Cutler could fit in with the best of the NFL and win the MVP? Not if you take into account how the man has rebounded.

    No one will deny that Cutler has had some bad games. The game against the Giants, where Cutler threw an interception, was sacked nine times and sustained a concussion in one half of play was particularly bad, and the four-interception performance against the Redskins wasn't much better. But since the bye week, Cutler has been aces.

    In those five games, he has a quarterback rating of 102.8, placing Cutler in the upper echelon of NFL QBs. He has thrown just three interceptions in those five games, while racking up 10 touchdown passes. Cutler has also discovered that he can run with the football, running for 120 yards in five games. Shocking as it is, Jay Cutler can run.

    One number that hasn't really improved since the bye week is the amount of sacks Cutler has had to sustain. In total, he's been sacked 41 times, with 14 of those coming in the last five games. Though he hasn't had another Giants game, four sacks two weeks in a row is still tough to deal with it.

    Despite those sacks, Cutler has still helped engineer an improbable march towards the playoffs. He has matured into a franchise QB right in front of our eyes. His numbers are not as sexy as Manning's, and he doesn't have the comeback story of Michael Vick. But Cutler's growth deserves attention, too, so join Grizzly Detail in this chant.

    "M.V.P ... M.V.P!"