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Is a QB Better Off Single?



    Is Jay Cutler's head good enough to take Chicago to the promised land?

    In the heat of battle, a quarterback needs to think clearly. Was Tony Romo thrown off by Jessica Simpson shimmying in her pink jersey in the luxury box? Maybe. Maybe not. 

    But you'd be hard-pressed to say Joe Montana or John Elway got a boost from whatever their romantic status was. And Jeff Garcia married a Playmate of the Year, played one year, then ended up playing for the UFL Omaha Nighthawks.

    We probably can't blame Kristin Cavallari for Cutler's NFC Championship sideline moping. That was all Jay.

    Maybe flying solo will ignite a single-minded focus under Cutler. Maybe he'll tear up every time he sees a blond cheerleader. Maybe none of this matters.

    But if you want to make a case that a breakup is good for a sports career, two words should blow that argument to splinters: Tiger Woods.