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Hire Matt Millen for GM



    When the Bears wanted a defensive coordinator, they turned to Rod Marinelli, the man who could only get 10 wins out of the Lions in 48 games. When they needed an offensive coordinator, they promoted Mike Tice, who was awesomely mediocre in Minnesota. Now, they need a general manager. Why not turn to the man who brought general managing to a new low?

    That's right. Matt Millen for general manager.

    As the Lions GM, Millen is responsible for some of the worst decisions in the history of general managing. He was one of the best-paid men in his job, but the teams he constructed posted a winning percentage of .277. He once admitted that the Lions' continued record of awfulness in the first decade of the century was his fault.

    If the Bears are going to grab well below the brass ring, why not stretch to the bottom rung?

    In reality, Tice and Marinelli are quite good at their jobs, and were in terrible situations in Minnesota and Detroit. They have both excelled in new roles in Chicago. With Millen's lack of ability to actually judge talent, he would be terrible at general manager. But what's frightening is that the Bears are far behind in timing in comparison to the other teams with openings. If they keep moving at a snail's pace, Millen might be the best of what's left.