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Hey Jerry! Draft This Guy: Mike Pouncey



    Hey Jerry! We've got another center we want you to check out. We know that you're busy, and buddy, we're here to help.

    You have a pen and paper handy, Jerry? OK. Write this down: Mike Pouncey. He's a center out of Florida, and already has proven himself to be a versatile athlete who can handle the pressure of big games, like the BCS National Championship. As on offensive guard, he kept Tim Tebow upright the year Florida won it all. Then, when his twin brother Maurkice was drafted by the Steelers, Mike moved to center and allowed just 21 sacks in his senior year.

    At 6-foot-5, 300 lbs, he has size and blocking ability, Jerry. Yes, you plan on re-signing Olin Kreutz for now, but let's face it. He's not as young as he used to be, and the Bears could use a talented center to replace him at some point. The cats at the combine said that Pouncey has few holes in his game. He could use work in the shotgun, but that's why you have Mike Tice.

    Oh, Tice is high on him, too? He went to Florida's Pro Day just to see Pouncey? And you're reportedly hoping that Pouncey is still on the board when the Bears pick comes up?

    Carry on.

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