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Hey, Jerry! Draft This Guy: Gabe Carimi



    Hey, Jerry! Draft This Guy: Gabe Carimi
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    Gabe Carimi

    A continuing series of draft day suggestions for Jerry Angelo, who appears to be unable to identify offensive line talent.

    What are you looking for in an offensive linemen, Jerry? Size? Strength? An ability to actually stop sacks? Well, do we have the guy for you.

    Gabe Carimi, the University of Wisconsin: Carimi, a three-year starter for the ninth-ranked Badgers, is a behemoth. At 6-foot-7, 327 lbs., he's bigger than anyone on the Bears offensive line. Only J'Marcus Webb matches him in height. He's pre-season first-team All-American and Big Ten, and his line makes stops. Opponents have only made six sacks on Wisconsin QBs in eight games. Six sacks is an easy day for Jay Cutler.

    So think about it, Jerry. Think about how the Bears need size on their O-line. Think about how Carimi could be worked into the Bears special teams. With Carimi next to Peppers on long field goals, opponents will think twice about going to the long kicks. Think about how Carimi could keep Cutler safe. Think ... and then draft him.