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Hey Coach Martz! Maybe Ease Up a Little?



    Early last season, the Bears relied so much on the passing game that Matt Forte's number was rarely called. This season, he leads the team in all-purpose yards, serving as the Bears' main threat as a receiver and a rusher. Grizzly Detail imagines what Forte would say to offensive coordinator Mike Martz about this situation.

    Hey Coach Martz,

    Yeah, I'm doing OK. A little tired. Actually, I'm really tired and kind of sore. It seems like you've been calling my number A LOT lately. I appreciate that, Coach Martz. Really, I do. But did you know that I account for 52 percent of the Bears offense through the first two games? Seriously. That's a lot, right?

    I know. Last season I asked for more, but, uh ... what do you think about a more balanced attack? One that doesn't count on me breaking three tackles every time we need a first down, because that can get dangerous. Jay has been taking a beating, but those linebackers don't exactly go easy on me, y'know?

    I just want to point out that I have some great teammates who can also make noise on offense. Like Marion Barber! Have you seen what he's capable of ... oh, that's right. The calf injury. Well, what about Roy Will-darnit. He's hurt, too.

    Oh, you know who could use some reps, Coach? Kahlil Bell. Young guy could use some seasoning. What? Negative yardage? That's something Chester Taylor would do, right Coach! OK. We're not laughing about the Taylor Era yet. That's cool. Devin and Johnny are so fast, Coach. Get them the ball. Maybe they can even catch it this time!

    Wow. It really is on me, isn't it, Coach?