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Grizzly Bears: Sunday Night Win



    With the Bears' three-phase win, here are the people who stuck out.

    Grizzly Bears -- the players who pillaged and plundered the Vikings:

    Devin Hester
    : Not only did he get another kickoff return touchdown, Hester also started the game off right with a 48-yard score. He was responsible for 225 yards and 12 points in the Bears rout of the Vikings. Now, we just have to hope beyond hope that the chest injury that knocked him out of the game is not serious.

    Jay Cutler: It turns out that when Cutler is allowed to get rid of the ball quickly, he can be more effective than when forced into five-step drops. See that, Mike Martz? The Bears also continued their undefeated run when Cutler has a passer rating of more than 100. When Cutler plays well, the Bears play well.

    The offensive line: The Vikings' strong suit coming into the game was their pass rush. Jared Allen led the league in sacks, but he got just one last night. Cutler was only hit three times. The reshuffled offensive line held, and Cutler was allowed to do his job.

    The defense: Donovan McNabb was sacked five times, including one sack by Julius Peppers that was pretty much just a push. Adrian Peterson was held to 39 yards. After giving up too many big plays all season, the longest play was a 30-yarder to Bernard Berrian. The defense all pitched in and held the Vikings to 10 points.

    EVERYBODY: Sure, it was against the Vikings, one of the worst teams in football, but the Bears were clicking in every phase last night. It wasn't perfect; there were drops and blown coverages and missed opportunities on defense. However, those mistakes didn't keep the Bears from winning. They were the kind of mistakes that any team can live with.

    No Teddy Bears are being awarded today because no one deserved them.