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Facebook Frustrations for Cutler



    Take a breath, Jay Cutler.

    The QB has become frustrated by the demands that fans have been making on him via his Facebook page. He has recently left several status update asking fans to be patient because he can't handle all of their requests, and that he can't even OK any more friends because he has too many.

    With Twitter and Facebook, football players are now more accessible to players than they've ever been. Fans have so many ways to connect with players, but that means fans have more ways to make demands on their favorite players. Come to my party! Support my charity! Send me an autograph! It's not that the fans intentions aren't good, but there is only so much that one man can do when he's also trying to prepare for a football season as well as run a charity and plan a wedding.

    That's why Cutler needs to learn how to manage his brand better, and hire someone to deal with all his requests. A good publicist or marketing manager would have told Cutler to keep his Facebook page private and for friends and family only, while starting a fan page for his many fans to use. They also would have discussed how to better use Twitter to get out messages about his health back in January, when he was being questioned for his toughness. They could also take the burden of answering fan requests off of Cutler, and kept him focused on playing football.

    So, Jay, take a deep breath and then hire someone to help.