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Cutler Wanted to Play, Coaches Convinced Him to Sit



    Jay Cutler wanted to play against the Carolina Panthers. 

    "I fought it for a bit, but the coaches thought we could get by for a week," Cutler said at a press conference Wednesday. "Talked to a lot of doctors because concussions are kind of a hot spot in the NFL this year and we wanted to make sure I was good to go."

    It was the first game Cutler has missed in his pro career.

    "I still wish I had started every game," he said. "You think you feel ok. But I mean it's just so hard with your brain and the second concussions are the ones that really hurt."

    When asked, Cutler couldn't pinpoint which Giant sack knocked his brain around. But in the aftermath he said teammate Hunter Hillenmeyer, who's currently on the Bears Injured Reserve list with concussion problems, offered some advice.

    "He called me up," Cutler said. "He's someone I went to college with and he's had some issues with concussions in his career."