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Cutler-Martz Bromance Going Strong



    One reason for the Bears success in 2010 was the relationship between Bears QB Jay Cutler and offensive coordinator Mike Martz. The season is over, but the bromance continues. Martz has heaped praise onto his QB in a recent interview with the Bears website.

    “He’s very intelligent,” Martz said. “He picks things up immediately. He kind of has a coach’s awareness and sense of things. He’s a really smart guy. He’s as smart a player as I’ve ever had.”

    Martz was impressed with how Cutler picked up his offensive scheme -- his third in a four-year career -- and is excited about what next season will bring, because of what the experiences of this season have taught Cutler. That will especially be true if Cutler spends time during the off-season working with his receivers. He worked with Earl Bennett last off-season, and that paid off for the Bears as Bennett emerged as a reliable passing option.

    Unfortunately, the bromance may hit an obstacle: the lockout. If the owners and players are unsuccessful in reaching a new collective bargaining agreement by Mar. 4, Cutler will be locked out from Halas Hall. He won't be able to work out at Bears facilities and won't be able to sit and have film sessions with Martz. If he and the Bears receivers want to throw the ball around, they better have a nice backyard, because it won't be at the Bears facilities.

    Cutler has a world of potential, but needs to work with his coaches to reach it. With the lockout hanging over their heads, the Cutler/Martz relationship could turn into a Bad Bromance.

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