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Bears React to Decertification



    After news that union had decertified made it to the Bears, Chicago's players took to their twitter accounts to share their feelings.

    The defense's Chris Harrisimplored fans to not worry about losing any games just yet. "I would like to say this is not a time to hit the panic button as fans. Football season doesn't start till Sept remember that ... I have the utmost trust in the union for making the right move. I apologize to u the fans for being caught n the middle of this I really do."

    Receiver Earl Bennettseemed frustrated at first, saying,"Man this business is nutz! Can't we all jus get along and reach an agreement so we can do what we love!" He then joked around with his fellow receiver Johnny Knox, "looks like we gonna be bankers at Harris bank rotfl."

    Twitter will add an interesting twist to this work stoppage that has not existed in previous sports strikes and lockouts. Players will be able to speak directly to the fans without having to go through the media.

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