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Jerry Angelo Drinks His Own Kool-Aid



    In advance of the Bears regular season starting on Sunday, general manager Jerry Angelo and Co. have been on a media blitz to promote the team. 

    ""I like the mix of our team. I'm ready to say our goal is to get to the playoffs," he said on  WMVP.

    In a Q&A with, he said, "I feel good that we did everything we possibly could in the time we had to work with to be the best we can be. That’s all you can ask of yourself and staff. Now it’s time to play a game and get a real barometer of where we’re at.”

    One more question for Jerry Angelo: What team have you been watching this pre-season?

    The Bears have huge problems. The offensive line resembles Swiss cheese. The receiving corps is young and untested. Special teams, once a Rock of Gibraltar for the team, was a mess. Injuries have been an issue throughout pre-season. They couldn't manage a single win in four pre-season games.

    Look, it is the job of Bears brass to sell the Kool-Aid, and sometimes you even have to take a few drinks yourself. But looking at this team and then saying, "I don't have a great concern heading into the season," looks downright foolish.