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An Ode to the Long-Snapper



    An Ode to the Long-Snapper
    Getty Images
    Patrick Mannelly

    Here's to the long-snapper
    The most thankless of jobs
    But one if messed up
    Creates screaming mobs

    The long-snapper shoots the ball back
    For his friends to kick
    But if he sends it sailing
    The other team will get a pick

    Here's to the big, strong man
    Who's been doing it for 12 years
    Consistently the best long-snapper
    For the Chicago Bears

    Though Maynard gets the yards
    And Gould the adulation
    It's Mannelly the long-snapper
    Who deserves appreciation

    In the last year of his contract?
    Give him what he asks
    Because we know few others
    Who could handle the tasks

    Here's to Patrick Mannelly
    Now on the All-Fundamentals Team
    The NFL has finally recognized
    The Bears' bright, shining beam