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An Ode to D.J. Moore



    After three seasons in Chicago, D.J. Moore is leaving the Bears. He said the team informed him that he is no longer in their plans and won't be brought back for 2013. He had a short, but memorable tenure in Chicago. It was so memorable that his departure moved Grizzly Detail to poetry.

    From your question mark haircut to your cool shoes,
    We knew you wouldn't bring Chicago the blues.

    Detroit's Matthew Stafford tried to give you a beating,
    But as the smaller man, you still won that fisticuff meeting.

    In three years you helped the defense with 10 picks,
    Receivers didn't like how you got in your licks.

    But this season, for you, was not the same
    You were benched and Lovie Smith questioned your game.

    Plus there was the time you ripped the quarterback
    It appears courage is something you don't lack.

    So best wishes to you, D.J. Moore
    We hope you land at an AFC team who can score

    And always remember in every place, everywhere
    You'll always be forever a Bear.