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Oh no, my phone!



    I hate it when I leave my phone at home.

    Doesn't that drive you nuts? I got to work this morning and just before we're about to start the 5am show, I reach in my pocket. It's not there. What about my bag? Nope. So now I'm thinking about it. Where's my damn phone? Wait, it might be in my car. 6:59 AM. Show ends. Run to my ride and...it's not there either.

    It either hits you immediately that you know where it is or it takes you all day to finalize realize that its face down on my dresser right next to my contact case and my fingernail clippers.

    I've gone 5 hours without it and feel completely disconnected with the world. Is this really the case? Of course not, but when you're conditioned to text and check your email and text, and text and text, then it becomes noticeable. We'll see I how I hold up.

    When I try to text someone on using my office phone or start thinking my pocket is vibrating, then you know I've failed.

    **Wayne Johnson brought hot dogs today and AGAIN, I didn't get any food. But he reminded me what I like on a hot dog. Dijion mustard, onions, sliced pickles and Cheese Whiz. Warm or cold, doesn't matter, layer it on the bun first then put the fixin's on after that. Now that's good eatin'!

    Best brat I've ever had? Easy. Geneva Jaycees tent during the town's Swedish Days' Festival going on right now thru Sunday. Going out there tomorrow and you can bet I'll have a brat in had before 10PM!

    **Kim Vatis jumped in Zoraida's chair today after Z took today and tomorrow off (no, I assure you she's not hiking the Appalachian Trail) (Also, I had to look up how to spell "Appalachian" in order to make that joke, so there you go). Kim got to join in for the trivia fun, and she was on top of it. Take a look at the conversation below in the chat room to see for yourself "What was missing during the 1959 World Series?"

    Kim is flexible, great reporter, great anchor, fun dancer. I say fun because I don't think any of us are very good. Actually, I say of the morning crew, Zoraida is probably the most talented of all of us on the dance floor. But I love that Kim brings it every week. Seriously, she has the most consistent energy. You'd go stir-crazy too if you were sent to 26th and California everyday.

    ** "The Sackman" was in the house! Pete filled in for Andy today. Pete will be back tomorrow. We have to get him to dance for Dance Friday tomorrow. Between Pete and Rob, I'm not sure who you chuckle at more. Both are entertaining to say the least and that's the least I can say.

    **What's the song? Well, plenty of choices. I like to tie the song into a band who's in town performing over the weekend and honestly this might be the best weekend all year for concertgoers. Check out this list for just Friday night:

    -Earth, Wind & Fire / Chicago (Allstate Arena)
    -Morris Day and the Time (Country Club Hills)
    -Naughty by Nature (CANS Music Fest - Bucktown)
    -New Kids on the Block (First Midwest Bank Ampitheatre)
    -Wang Chung / Berlin (Rosemont Theatre)

    Loved them all growing up, well, all except Berlin. No thanks, but everyone else on that list is top notch. Plus, the Sox-Cubs series at The Cell, the Taste opens up in Grant Park, and Pride Fest with the big parade on Sunday.

    If you can't find anything to do this weekend...I mean really!

    **Last but not least, I've partnered up with the Alzheimer's Association to raise money for a great charity event coming up next month. It's the first Rundown Alzheimers at US Cellular Field on July 28th. I'll be running a couple miles and hoping to raise $5,000.

    If you'd like to sponsor me, take a look at the website. Any little bit helps, and I'd be very grateful for your contribution.