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Days of Sloppy Joes and Milk Cartons

'Memories of School Food' contest underway



    Days of Sloppy Joes and Milk Cartons
    Healthy Schools Campaign
    What do you remember about your school lunches? Talk about it, and win a contest.

    Think back for a moment on your high school or even grade school days.  When someone dropped a tray full of food in your cafeteria, did people stare? Applaud? Laugh hysterically?  Now look past the humiliation and try to remember, what kinds of food would you find on that tray? Chocolate milk? Giant dill pickles? Tater tots? Undetermined gray slop?  The Healthy Schools Campaign is holding a contest called ''Memories of School Food," with the intention of soliciting ideas on how to make school food healthier. Put into words, images or even video your most vivid recollections of what school food was like for you, and you can win some cool prizes like a panini party package and sandwich maker. Student winners can score some loot for their schools, as well. Check out the official web site for details about the various types of submissions and for information about how voting works. The deadline for submissions is May 1. Call 312-419-1810 with questions or just to get more information. We know there's sure to be some great stories about sloppy joes, greasy cafeteria cookies and mystery vegetables out there, just waiting to be shared.