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What are Your Thoughts on the Landmark Legislation?

White House Declares a Victory

Updated 2:02 PM CDT, Fri, Jan 13, 2012

President Obama is just a signature away from fulfilling his biggest campaign promise.

House Democrats voted 219 - 211 passing health care reform with three votes to spare Sunday night. The measure would extend health insurance to 32 million uninsured Americans, reduce deficits and ban insurance companies from denying coverage to people with pre-existing medical conditions.

Republicans attacked the landmark legislation as expensive and a government takeover.

What are your thoughts?


"Taxpayers are paying for those with no insurance anyway.  [Every time] an uninsured  person walks into an emergency room, our doctor , hospital rates go up and our insurance coverage goes up.  This way people can go to a doctor instead of an emergency room." - Anonymous


"Bye, Bye, American Pie. Today's the day democracy died." - Paul Benz


"It's about time. I have been waiting for this since the Clinton era. I raised my son without health insurance so I was unable to supply all the care he needed. The cost of health insurance through my work [is] unaffordable for a single mom.' - Barbara


"Obama just got a one way ticket back to Chicago." - Patti


"The Republicans have a Health Care solution.....don't get sick! My father in-law just survived a massive heart attack and is going to have $10K+ in bills because he was forced to change jobs due to a contract change and in the change, he got denied health care due to pre-existing conditions which should have been covered with a job change!" - Peter


"Come November Obama will really see a Change, when he loses his full house." - Krusty1


"With everyone being forced to carry health care insurance now, does this mean that we hard working people are finally going stop having to pay for the millions on [Medicaid]? I am in the health care field and see on a regular basis people with items that I cannot afford such as iPhones and the like, their children wearing $100 shoes, but they can because they think the world owes them something." - Anonymous


"Now, my wife can get health care and not be denied because she suffers from migraines...her pre-existing condition. We pay large premiums with huge deductibles, totaling $16, 000 yr, for our family of 4. And, the insurance company tries to deny every claim we submit with continued paperwork requests." - Anonymous

"We all lose with this bill." - Tom


"I'm thankful and encouraged that the people that we voted into office finally have the guts and concern to really do something that will help all Americans...not just big business. Kudos to Congress!" - Calvin

First Published: Mar 22, 2010 6:19 AM CDT

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