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March 8 - 12

Updated 6:21 AM CDT, Fri, Mar 12, 2010

Monday, March 8

Misericordia  raises money to help children and adults with developmental disabilities.

Actor Sean Penn kind of wishes some of his critics die of cancer in a TV interview.

A British man runs around the country in his underwear with hopes of winning his girlfriend back.

A tuberculosis patient quarantined in a hospital releases his second music video.

Liberal blog, The Daily Koz, releases a report claiming "The Tonight Show" added laughter during Sarah Palin's appearance.

Conan O'Brien's first choice to follow on Twitter changes a Michigan woman's life.

Tuesday, March 9

A disgruntled documentary producer pulls a "Kanye" moment at the Oscars.

A website offers to dump your sweetheart for you.

The inflation beavers from the Vancouver Games closing ceremony go on sale.

A YouTube video shows a motorcyclist who whips a tablecloth off a table with his motorcycle.

A man who tried to push his dog in a lake gets what he deserved.

A young boy commands the attention of a crowd.

Former Democratic Congressman Eric Massa calls Rahm Emanuel "the son of the devil spawn."

Sarah Palin, an opponent of government-run  health care, admits she crossed the border to seek medical treatment from Canada's single-payer system.

Health experts believe taxing pop would tighten belts.

Wednesday, March 10

The "Red Pump Project" encourages everyone to wear red shoes to raise HIV/AIDS awareness.

One of NBC 5's caring peacocks is going bald to raise money to help cure childhood cancer.

A Sandra Bullock fan goes berserk over her Academy Award win.

A man falls fast over heels for his pillow deciding to marry it.

A website will send dead flowers to the one you once loved for a fee.

Sparklers make everything better including a far out music video.

A creative wedding proposal hits the big screen.

Some Best Buy employees spit rhymes to sell appliances.

A daredevil kneels down as a car flies above him.

Rush Limbaugh vows to leave America if health care reform bill is fully implemented.

Florida Governor Charlie Crist accuses his Republican senate opponent of getting back waxes.

Top executives are receiving pity bonuses.

Ghosts go on the auction block.


Thursday, March 11

A reporter reaches his breaking point during a liveshot.

Some guys practice bad karate on a workout dummy.

If you're bored, there's a webcam for you.

Teddy bears invade a sea-front in a YouTube video.

A cat uses its paw to scoop up water unlike other felines.

The saga of Anna Nicole Smith's life will made into aa opera.

A car getting towed faces obstacles to getting out a parking lot.

A new bill could make food even blander.

It turns out cheaters flock to certain jobs.

A Mississippi high school cancels prom because a lesbian student wanted to bring her girlfriend.

You can watch March Madness in 3D.

Friday, March 12

One of NBC 5's caring peacocks is shaving his head to raise money to help cure childhood cancer.

A Mississippi student, who is a lesbian, is suing her school to reinstate prom.

Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg take in their new movie at the White House.

A UK newspaper reports the CIA was behind the deadly mysterious madness in a French Village almost 60 years ago.

First Published: Mar 8, 2010 6:33 AM CDT

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