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Jul. 12 - Jul. 16

Updated 8:04 AM CDT, Fri, Jul 16, 2010

Monday, July 12

Visit Dawn Jackson Blatner's website to ask questions about eating right.

Send Dream Town your best Chicago pictures to win a chance to be included in a coffee table book. The winner will be announced at a VIP party benefitting La Casa Norte in August.

A Kung-Fu kick to the chest knocks down a World Cup soccer player.

A New York anchor asks Colin Quinn what the late MTV host, Ken Ober, is up to these days.

Secret Agent Matty B sings about being a kid.

Yoda's voice can be heard on TomTom.

A mom threatens she'll post her daughter's tantrum on YouTube.

A tribute song goes to Paul the Octupus, which picked eight out of eight winners in the World Cup.

A driver angry at her car being towed drives off with the tow truck driver's truck.

A new app makes it easier to find a parking space.

A Spain soccer player kisses his reporter-girlfriend after winning the World Cup.

A lawmaker brawl breaks out in the Taiwanese Parliament.

CBS news finds the "Double Rainbow" guy.

Tuesday, July 13

Participate in today's live web chat with First Lady Michelle Obama concerning her "Let's Move" campaign against childhood obesity. Submit your questions via e-mail to askmichelleobama@aol.com and include your name and town before it starts at 9 a.m.

Fred & Sharon promote a director who can bring a movie script to life.

Richard Simmons loves you baby.

Learn how to take your shirt off in one quick move.

Take the viral video school pop quiz.

A riot breaks out in Brazil inside a new electronics store.

A driver parallel parks with 11 inches to spare setting a world record.

A hipster doesn't care that a pug is licking his face non-stop.

Kuru the dolphin leaps out of his tank.

Earn a free meal for working out at a Copenhagen hotel for 15 minutes.

A Wisconsin guy who just move to New York wants your votes to help him find love.

Wednesday, July 14

Cirque Shanghai: Cloud 9 is entertaining crowds at Navy Pier through September 6. Ticket prices range from $14.50 - $19.50 for adults and $12.50 - $14.50 for children.

A grassroots effort begins to encourage Glenn Beck to run for president.

One man kills auto-tune.

A Costco employee is excited to try hummus.

A dog slides down a flight of stairs.

A chameleon eats a bug off a sumo wrestler's face in slow motion.

The Old Spice Guy is sending out personalized messages to celebrities.

Improv Everywhere brings "Stars Wars" to the Subway.

Jewel goes undercover at a karaoke bar.

Thursday, July 15

Pottery Barn Kids is recalling all its drop-side cribs sold between January 1999 and March 2010. The Consumer Product Safety Commission said the cribs pose a risk of suffocation and entrapment.

 Spirit Airlines  tells Congress charging $45 to put a bag in an overhead bin is fine since "not essential" for travel.

Don't date babies because they're heartbreakers.

London's Tube yanks Bloody Mary Zombie ad.

The Taliban is training monkeys to attack people.

Marmot eats a graham cracker.

A guy in a broccoli costome proposes to his girlfriend and makes a personal video for Demi Moore.

The Old Spice guy asks a woman to marry for her boyfriend.

A New York Times reporter interviews a robot.

Michael Jordan reveals who he thinks is the best player - Kobe or LeBron.

 Friday, July 16

 A panel identifies 19 cancer causing chemicals.

A new phenomenon called "i-dosing" may be getting kids high.

Sharktopus scaries people.

An anchor goofs on air saying airlines charge for "sex."

A giraffe blocks a person's view at the movies.

A Russian village is setting aside a park for lovers.

A guy spoofs the Old Spice deodorant's commercials.

MySpace is revamping its site.

A new study reveals how to give the perfect handshake.

Help a guy pare down his t-shirt wardrobe by going online.

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