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Big Daddy Kane Hopes Chicks Dig Black Eye

Will Patrick Kane's injury help him score off the ice?



    Apparently, Blackhawks star Patrick Kane just can't take a compliment.  Sunday night, in a game against Tampa Bay, Kane's left eye was cut after he was tripped and the butt end of his stick popped him.

    The resulting injury shouldn't hamper his skills on the ice and may actually help him off of it.

    Kane's Black Eye: "Hopefully the Chicks Love It"

    [CHI] Kane's Black Eye: "Hopefully the Chicks Love It"
    Patrick Kane came away from Sunday's game against the Tampa Bay Lightning with a black eye.
    (Published Tuesday, Dec. 15, 2009)

    "At first it felt like nothing was there, I kept feeling my eye. It was a little scary. Anytime something has to do with your eye or your face or anything like that with your vision, I think it's pretty scary, but overall I'm pretty excited about the outcome, I mean, obviously I got a little bit of a scar, but what are you going to do about it? Hopefully the girls love it, hopefully the chicks love it. I can deal with that for a little bit."

    Chick always dig a man with scars.  Not to mention a 21-year old phenom armed with a brand new multi-million dollar contract.


    "It's about time, right," Kane said when when a reporter told him the injury made him look tougher. "Last year I had my teeth come out, which was pretty cool. It actually worked out better because my teeth are better now than they were before."