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Musician Says Cops Questioning Suspected Guitar Thief

Location of the instrument was still unknown as of early Tuesday morning



    The owner of a stolen guitar said police told him they're speaking with someone believed to be involved in the theft.

    The exact location of the instrument, however, remained unknown as of early Tuesday morning, Harry Manx said.

    Manx, a Canadian blues musician, said a commander from the Chicago Police Department called him and said they caught a man who apparently stole his Mohan Veena in Chicago. The instrument, commonly used in Indian classical music, was swiped last Friday from O'Hare International Airport's baggage claim.

    While Manx said police told him they caught the thief, police told NBC Chicago they're officially only calling the individual a "person of interest."

    Manx said the guitar was in a black fiberglass case, lined with velvet and covered with lots of stickers, including one from the band "Le Vent Du Nord." The guitar has 20 strings and two layers of strings running parallel with tuning heads down the neck.