Barn Fire That Killed Horses an Accident: Investigators

An exact cause remains unknown

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    A massive barn fire that killed more than a dozen horses this week was an accident, investigators said Friday.

    An exact cause remains unknown.

    Massive Fire Destroys Horse Stables

    [CHI] Massive Fire Destroys Horse Stables
    The fire started about 5 p.m. at the Black Tie Stable, a 25,000-square-foot metal barn at 101 Bay Rd. in unincorporated McHenry Township. With no hydrants, water had to be trucked in.

    "We have speculation that it could have been a [charcoal] grill, and there is speculation there was an outside controlled burn in the area, but we can't confirm either one of those 100 percent ... so we will not make a declaration that either one of them was the cause," Tony Huemann, chief of the McHenry Township Fire Department, told The Northwest Herald.

    Wednesday's blaze destroyed the barn at M&R Overlook Farms.

    Teen Describes Fire That Killed Horses

    [CHI] Teen Describes Fire That Killed Horses
    More than a dozen horses are reportedly dead, but many more were saved when a courageous 15-year-old fought flames and smoke to lead them to safety. Natalie Martinez reports.

    County health department spokeswoman Debra Quackenbush said the final number of horses confirmed dead is 18. Twenty-two other horses were saved and are in good health.