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Brady Calls for Ban Personal Use of State-Owned Cars

Tough talk comes after two DUI arrests in state cars in the last week



    James V. Lobianco

    Republican candidate for governor Sen. Bill Brady said he wants to ban the personal use of state vehicles after it was revealed that a Chicago deputy commissioner crashed a city-owned Prius while under the influence of alcohol.

    "The sense of entitlement that the ruling class in Illinois feels has got to end," he said.  "It’s common sense.  Every taxpayer dollar spent must serve the public."

    State Sen. Murphy: Cullerton DUI "Fuels the Lack of Credibility"

    [CHI] State Sen. Murphy: Cullerton DUI "Fuels the Lack of Credibility"
    State Sen. Matt Murphy said Monday that situations such as Senate President John Cullerton's son getting a DUI in a state-owned vehicle makes the public suspicious of state tax increases.
    (Published Tuesday, April 20, 2010)

    Gov. Pat Quinn earlier in the week said he would order a review of all state vehicles to determine how they are actually being used.

    The tough talk comes after Deputy Commissioner James Lobianco rear-ended a car at Broadway and Ainslie on April 15, according to police.  No one was injured, but he was charged with driving under the influence and failure to reduce speed.

    Lobianco, responsible for providing shelter for the homeless, resigned from his $119,184 per year job on Thursday.

    A spokesperson for the city said Lobianco was allowed to drive the car for personal use because he paid $200 dollar a month for the privileges.

    The money, "entitles them to utilize a car for both personal and work purposes," said Anne Sheahan, spokeswoman for the city's Department of Family and Support Services, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

    The incident happened just three days before Illinois Senate President John Cullerton’s 26-year-old son was arrested for DUI in a state-owned vehicle.

    Garritt Cullerton had a blood alcohol of twice the legal limit when he was arrested downtown Sunday morning, police said.  Cullerton also had a long history of driving offenses including two previous DUI arrests. He was fined for a lesser charge in both cases.