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Receiver Agrees With FTC: Pitchman Trudeau is Hiding More Money

Trudeau faces a judgment of more than $37 million



    Kevin Trudeau

    A court appointed receiver says he has basically had it with pitchman Kevin Trudeau, joining lawyers for the Federal Trade Commission in asking a Chicago Federal Judge to throw Trudeau in jail.

    A hearing on the matter is set for later Wednesday.

    In a document filed late Tuesday with the federal court, receiver Blair Zanzig says Trudeau continues to employ convenient lapses of memory and outright deception as the receiver attempts to untangle the infomercial king's complicated financial empire.

    As the receiver appointed by Judge Robert Gettleman, Zanzig has been charged with determining how much of Trudeau's multi-million dollar fortune is still intact, to pay off a $37 million judgment. But he says meetings with the defendant have turned into guessing games.

    "Trudeau seems to believe that 'cooperation' means simply showing up to meetings," Zanzig writes, painting a picture of a cat-and-mouse scenario involving the accused flim-flam artist's millions.

    "Trudeau could wait around for the Receiver to find any assets," he warns, "turn them over then, and keep whatever the Receiver may not be able to find."

    Gettleman jailed Trudeau for 24 hours three weeks ago, but allowed him to go free, on the belief that he could better access his financial records in the outside world. But an exasperated Zanzig says he now joins the FTC in believing jail will be the only way to force cooperation.

    He said the pitchman has "failed to demonstrate any intention of providing a full and forthcoming disclosure without being coerced."