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Former Cop Admits Taking Part in Robberies

Keith Herrera, 33, faces 13 years in prison




    A former Chicago police officer charged earlier this month with federal civil rights charges admitted Tuesday to taking part in three robberies.

    Keith Herrera, 33, faces 13 years in prison.

    Herrera was among the officers charged in the now-disbanded Special Operations Section of the Chicago Police Department. 

    In charges filed this month, he and Jerome Finnigan were accused of "routinely and regularly" performing unlawful arrests and searches, and, when the opportunity arose, stole cash for their own benefit.

    Hererra also faced a charge of filing a false federal income tax return.  He admitted Tuesday that he pocketed $40,000 in 2004 and 2005 and never reported the money as income to the government.

    Also charged were former officer Stephen Del Bosque and current officer Eric J. Olsen.  Del Bosque pleaded guilty Monday to a misdemeanor civil rights charge.

    The U.S. attorney’s office said Finigan and Olsen have agreed to plead guilty, the Chicago Tribune reported.

    The SOS was an elite policing unit that Mayor Richard Daley disbanded roughly nine years ago after the scandal broke.