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Alderman: Well, Uh, Why Not a Casino?



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    And then one brave alderman stepped up and said, well, y'know. We kinda need the money, guys.

    As the Chicago City Council begins its budget hearings and looks for ways to pug a 550 million dollar hole, Ald Richard Mell asked the chamber at City Hall a question that's on everybody's minds.

    "People in my ward are going on busses to Indiana and Wisconsin," to go to casinos there. "Why not here?"

    After the city lost the Olympic bid Mell floated the idea of rehabbing Michael Reese Hospital -- the Olympic Village designated site -- to turn it  into a casino. 

    Daley, somewhat predictably, ix-nayed the idea. But who knows. The big man's looking for funds these days. A casino wouldn't, y'know, hurt.