Man Jailed for Allegedly Threatening Daley

Prosecutors will seek to extradite suspect

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    Christopher Traynor Fox

    The legend of Daley's "Gun Up Your Butt" joke continues to grow.

    But the latest installment -- in which a California man allegedly made a death threat toward the mayor -- is even less funny than the original. 

    Christopher Traynor, 39, of San Jose, is being held without bail at Santa Clara County jail for allegedly making a telephone threat against a public official, the Chicago Tribune reports.

    The suspect's mother, Patricia Fox, told WGN-TV her son told her he threatened to shoot and kill Daley because of the mayor's controversial remark about gun control.

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    [CHI] Chicago's Gun Laws Don't Protect Law-Abiding Citizens, Son Says
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    Chicago police issued a warrant for his arrest Tuesday. Cook County prosecutors will follow that up with a extradition request, said police.

    Last week, Daley responded to a reporter's question about whether Chicago's handgun ban is working since shootings continue to plague the city. The mayor picked up a rifle with a bayonet from a table.

    "It's been very effective. If I put this up your butt, you'll find out how effective it is," Daley said laughing.

    The mayor later apologized. 

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