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Shrenker Tries to Crash Land a Book Deal

Indicted Indiana businessman says he'll write about alleged bipolar disorder


    Indicted Indiana businessman Marcus Schrenker said he wants to write a book about his alleged bi-polar disorder and the plane crash he faked in January.

    Man gets indicted for investment fraud. Man runs, jumps out of doomed airplane and fakes his own death. Man gets busted anyway.

    Sounds like the plot to a best selling novel, right?

    It's acutally a true story. And the Indiana investment banker who played the main character is trying to sell it.

    As yet, no publishing houses are biting, but Marcus Schrenker should have plenty of time for his first draft.

    Schrenker is now planning to write a book about bipolar disorder and how the diagnosis made during his college years changed his life, the Northwest Indiana Times reports.

    The northwest Indiana businessman will face trial in March on 11 felony charges for losing more than $1 million belonging to investors, family members and friends. After that he'll stand trial issuing fake distress calls before he crashed his plane in a swamp area near Milton, Fla.