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Final Jurors Selected in Hudson Trial

On the second day of questioning, the last four of 18 jurors were selected



    William Balfour

    William Balfour's jury is seated.

    On the second day of questioning, the last four jurors of 18 were selected Tuesday to hear the trial of the man accused of murdering three members of singer-actress Jennifer Hudson's family.

    Jury Questioning Begins in Hudson Trial

    [CHI] Jury Questioning Begins in Hudson Trial
    A judge began questioning potential jurors Monday in the case of William Balfour, accused of murdering Jennifer Hudson's mother, brother and nephew in October 2008. NBC Chicago's Anthony Ponce reports on what the judge asked and who listened in.
    (Published Monday, April 9, 2012)

    A retired CTA dispatcher, a former Jesse White Tumbler, a FedEx courier with two kids and a data analysis manager are among the jurors chosen Tuesday to complete the 12-member jury and six alternates.

    Judge Charles Burns questioned several other potential jurors, who ultimately were dismissed. On Monday, he interviewed candidates for nine hours. By the end of the day, 14 were chosen.

    Balfour Faces Potential Jurors

    [CHI] Balfour Faces Potential Jurors
    William Balfour is the estranged husband of singer/actress Jennifer Hudson's sister. Prosecutors allege he shot the family in a jealous rage because Julia Hudson was dating another man.
    (Published Thursday, April 5, 2012)

    Balfour is accused of killing Hudson's mother, Darnell Donerson; her 29-year-old brother, Jason Hudson; and her 7-year-old nephew, Julian King in 2008. Balfour listened in as jurors were questioned this week.

    Prosecutors say Balfour is the estranged husband of Hudson's sister, Julia. Prosecutors also claim Balfour was jealous of Julia Hudson's new boyfriend when he broke into the family home and opened fire.

    Potential jurors spent last Thursday filling out a lengthy, 17-page questionnaire that included a dozen questions about Hudson, including whether they've read her books, watched her movies or seen "American Idol."

    The first potential juror was asked basic questions Monday about where he lives, where he's employed and whether he's been the victim of a crime or has ever been accused of a crime. He finished after about 10 minutes.

    Jennifer Hudson is listed as a potential witness who could testify during trial. She's also expected to be in court every day once testimony begins as early as April 23.