Drew Peterson's Lawyers Seek New Trial

Lawyers claim Joel Brodsky botched case

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    Drew Peterson's new lawyers say Joel Brodsky botched the case.

    Drew Peterson's lawyers are seeking a new trial on the grounds that his old lawyer did a poor job.

    Attorneys Steve Greenberg and David Pielet filed a motion Friday asking the judge to throw out Peterson's guilty verdict or grant a new trial, the Southtown Star reports.

    Smith Testimony Sealed Peterson Verdict:Jury

    [CHI] Smith Testimony Sealed Peterson Verdict:Jury
    Harry Smith talked with NBC 5's Kim Vatis about his reaction the the jury member's saying his testimony was key to their decision.

    Peterson was convicted Sept. 7 of first-degree murder in the drowning death of Kathleen Savio, his third wife. Peterson's fourth wife, Stacy Peterson, disappeared in October 2007.

    Friday's motion claims Peterson's former lawyer, Joel Brodsky, made a number of errors during the trial including putting Harry Smith on the stand. Smith testified that Stacy Peterson told him that she knew how her husband killed Savio.

    Peterson Attorney: Co-Counsel a Bully, Dictatator

    [CHI] Peterson Attorney: Co-Counsel a Bully, Dictatator
    Drew Peterson defense attorney Steve Greenberg says Joel Brodsky is throwing him under the bus for their client's conviction. Natalie Martinez reports.

    Brodsky left the defense team last month.