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Chicago-Area Rescue Hopes to Find New Home for Dog Saved from South Korean Meat Market

"We just want her to have a loving family”



    Zahava Katz-Perlish
    Nunnie was rescued from a meat market in South Korea earlier this year and will travel with an animal-rescue group this week to Chicago.

    A Chicago-area animal rescue group plans to bring a dog from South Korea to Chicago after the dog was rescued from a meat market earlier this year.

    Zahava Katz-Perlish, a volunteer for the local Adopt-a-Pet animal shelter, said a white Jindo named Nunnie is expected make the trip from South Korea to Chicago this week.

    Nunnie was rescued by Robin Dorman, an advocate with “In Defense of Animals,” during a visit to South Korea to attempt to secure a permanent ban on the dog and cat meat industry.

    Dorman said she was visiting the Moran Market in Seongham, South Korea, in January when she found the young pup, which she believed escaped from a cage in the market.

    “As we were about to head back to the car, a little white and apricot Jindo suddenly appeared, running around, loose,” Dorman wrote in a blog post about her experience. “Skittish, shivering with cold and fear, she ran along the parking lot and then finally darted beneath a car… After some coaxing, the white figure emerged, licking some fingers, tail wagging, and was immediately wrapped up in welcoming arms and put in the car.”

    The dog was named Nun, meaning “snow” in Korean, and nicknamed Nunnie. Nunnie was among four dogs rescued during Dorman’s trip to South Korea.

    “Nunnie, Somang, Gracie and Hyung are but four survivors bearing witness to the tens of millions of dogs and cats who have suffered and died in this unspeakable industry of horror,” Dorman wrote.

    After hearing about the dog’s story, Katz-Perlish and her husband Marc Perlish offered to bring Nunnie into Adopt-a-Pet’s care in Chicago.

    “We’re very excited to have her since we heard her story,” Katz-Perlish told NBC 5. “She’s suffered a lot so we just want her to have a loving family.”

    Katz-Perlish said Nunnie is a “unique case” for Adopt-a-Pet, as the organization does not typically rescue animals from outside the U.S.

    She will be seen by a vet after her arrival and will be placed into foster care as volunteers search for a family to adopt her.

    “We have an opportunity to do something and help this dog, but this dog really represents millions all over,” Marc Perlish said. “We’re trying in some small way to raise awareness.”

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