Boeing Makes $18 Billion Deal, Largest In History

Initial deal would provide 50 planes, could add 20 more

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    Aircraft manufacturer Boeing, whose corporate offices are located in Chicago, signed on the dotted line with Emirates Airlines this week for an $18 billion order, marking the biggest deal in Boeing's history.

    The airline and manufacturer agreed to terms for a 50-plane order for Emirates.

    That deal includes an option that could add 20 more jets, if the Dubai-based company wants more.

    The deal, worth $18 billion, includes 50 777-300ER airliners initially, but could add up to 20 more. If more planes are made Boeing could made $8 billion more off the deal.

    The 777-300ER is designed for long flights. The new planes will join Emirates' already record-breaking fleet of 777's, which currently stands at 94.