Travellers Get More Tipsy Time at Airports | NBC Chicago

Travellers Get More Tipsy Time at Airports

Plan To Allow The Sale of Liquor From Push Carts Could Soon Be Approved


    A Denton County judge has thrown out election results from a year ago that legalized alcohol sales in the southeastern portion of the county.

    Chicago’s airports could become the new late night booze spot.

    Chicago’s approved a plan Wednesday to allow O'Hare and Midway airports to serve liquor 24/7 from push carts.

    Only restaurants with current liquor licenses at either airport would be eligible to apply for the pushcart plan.  The proposal would allow 12 pushcarts at O’Hare and five at Midway.

    Currently O’Hare has 32 restaurants with liquor licenses and Midway has 11.