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Judge Dismisses Suit By Coach Fired Over Sex Book

Bryan Craig sued school district for $1 million following firing

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    Bryan Craig believes he was wrongly fired.

    A federal judge tossed out a $1 million lawsuit filed by a former Rich Central High School counselor and girls basketball coach who was dismissed after writing a racy book about sex.

    Bryan Craig's lawsuit maintained that the schol district was a violation of his First Amendment rights in its decision to fire him.

    Craig's self-published book, It's Her Fault, was billed as a relationship manual, but district officials deemed it inappropriate for "using obscene phraseology" in describing his own sexual experiences.

    Judge Elaine E. Bucklo's deemed the book "little more than a lurid account of (Craig’s) own sexual preferences and exploits."

    The book included Craig's thoughts about the vaginal differences between women of different races and said, "The easiest kill for a man is through the young lady with low self-esteem."

    Bucklo also said Craig "exploited his position as a high school guidance counselor."