Missing Hammond Boy Found | NBC Chicago

Missing Hammond Boy Found

Mother left a fireworks store to find her car and child missing, police said



    (Published Friday, June 29, 2012)

    A missing 1-year-old boy whose disappearance prompted an Amber Alert was found Thursday evening.

    Jamara Strong was taken in a maroon Pontiac Grand Am Thursday, said police, after three of his mother's companions took off with the car he was in.

    Four people and the child visited an Uncle Sam's fireworks shop and tried to steal fireworks, a clerk told NBC Chicago. They were then asked to leave the store.

    An employee at another Uncle Sam's, on the 4200 block of Calumet, said a woman went inside the store while the clerk saw two other people trying to take fireworks from the garage. The cashier called police and the woman left the store, according to the employee.

    When the woman went outside, she found the car gone and ran back inside, the clerk said.

    The woman's story has changed multiple times, police said.

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