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Meeks: "I Talked Family, Not Politics" With President



    Reverend James Meeks

    State Sen. James Meeks minded his Ps and Qs in the few moments he and his wife spent with President Obama Thursday night.

    Speaking to Ward Room by phone, Meeks said he made no mention of a possible run for mayor of Chicago when he briefly chatted with the president on a receiving line.

    "It would be grossly inappropriate," to ask the president for his support, he said.  "He knows who's in.  There will be time to weigh in or weigh out."

    "I'm no pauper.  I don't have to beg," added Meeks.

    Obama was in town for just a few hours, attending two fundraisers for Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias, who is running for the president's vacated U.S. Senate seat.