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Rahm, Cubs in "Final Stages" of Wrigley Rehab Talks



    (Published Tuesday, April 3, 2012)

    Talks with the city of Chicago and the Cubs about a renovation of Wrigley Field are moving forward, Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Tuesday.

    "We've had good conversations, we're in kind of the final stages of that," Emanuel said at an unrelated morning event. "But always remember I'm here to represent the taxpayers, not subsidize private investors with public dollars."

    In the past the Cubs organization has discussed using amusement tax growth over 35 years to fund a $200 million renovation of Wrigley Field. The plan died when it was floated in 2010, and Emanuel was vocal last year about not giving in.

    On Tuesday, the mayor wouldn't comment on whether he'd consider it now, but Emanuel insisted he would keep the best interest of taxpayers in mind.

    "As I always said, I'll represent the taxpayers," Emanuel said. "And whatever we do to enhance the value at Wrigley Field, it will be to make sure that the private owners enhance the value of Wrigley Field."

    Cubs President Tom Ricketts has spent two years trying to figure out a way to revamp the stadium while using some sort of public funding. 

    In February, the ball club denied rumors about the Cubs playing at U.S. Cellular Field if the North Side team decides to perform a gut-rehab on its historic field in Lake View during the 2013 season.

    For now, Ricketts and Emanuel continue to talk.

    "I will not put my money in their field so they can take their money and invest around the field and get greater economic value," Emanuel said. "If it's important they should invest there."

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