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What Inspired Creatively-Drawn Wards?

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What Inspired Creatively-Drawn Wards?


In drawing a new ward map, our aldermen had to call on their artistic sides. Their attempt to draw wards that contain roughly the same amount of residents, and comply with the Voting Rights Act, resulted in some pretty creative shapes. Ward Room has examined the new map, and here are some guesses at to what might have inspired the designs of the more irregular wards.

    1st Ward: Lobster
    2nd Ward: Character from video game “Tempest.”
    4th Ward: Human digestive system
    5th Ward: Rivet gun
    6th Ward: Slaughtered pig
    11th Ward: Vise
    13th Ward: Flash Gordon death-ray gun
    14th Ward: Goofy’s head
    15th Ward: Pinwheel
    17th Ward: Roadkill squirrel
    20th Ward: Manta ray
    23rd Ward: Mexican wrestling mask
    24th Ward: Girl with a ponytail
    28th Ward: Adjustable wrench
    34th Ward: Easter Island stone head
    36th Ward: The creature that jumped out of John Hurt’s chest in Alien.
    41st Ward: Barbell
    46th Ward: Lord Ganesh, the Hindu god of good fortune


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