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Scott Lee Cohen Promises Tell-All Book



    (Published Wednesday, March 16, 2011)

    Scott Lee Cohen is promising to tell-all.

    The man who ran for two different offices during the last gubernatorial election said this week that he's working on a book. 

    The current title:  From Pawnbroker to Politician: The Threats, The Pressure and The Promises.

    "I think people will be very interested in what happened behind the scenes, and it's time," he said.  "I am going to tell-all.  I'm going to name names.  I'm going to tell of the threats. I'm going to tell of the promises.  Everything is going to come out."

    Cohen said he's still in the writing stage, but said the book will be available later this year and that people will be surprised by its contents.

    "Of the way I was threatened, people will be very surprised," he said. 

    When he won the Illinois Democratic primary for lieutenant governor, most people knew little about Cohen.  The pawnbroker, who organized his own job fairs, had never before been involved in politics. 

    When the media realized that his controversial past included a messy divorce and an arrest with a former stripper girlfriend, Cohen was forced to quit and abandoned his political dream. Later, he had second thoughts and mounted an Independent campaign for governor, but that never caught steam.

    Still, Cohen promised a future run for office.

    "I'm a young guy.  I'm 45 years old.  I believe I still have a political future," he said.

    Cohen mentioned that he was looking to get back in to what he knows best and would like to open a new pawn shop.  He said he was thinking of tying it to a reality show.

    UPDATE: Politics may come sooner than Cohen thought.  There's word he's being courted by members of a panel tasked with filling the Illinois State Senate seat vacated last month by Rickey Hendon.