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"Give Us Space:" Rev. Jesse Jackson



    (Published Thursday, July 12, 2012)

    In response to new, still vague reports about his son's health, Rev. Jesse Jackson pleaded Thursday for "space." 

    "He needs and deserves privacy," Jackson said on his way to an unrelated breakfast meeting at the Chicago Hilton, "and the media and all the interests should give us, the family, space for his restoration. That is not too much to ask."

    Jesse Jackson Jr.'s office on Wednesday released only a few more details about the congressman's whereabouts after they said last month he was being treated for exhaustion.

    “The congressman is receiving intensive medical treatment at a residential treatment facility for a mood disorder,” reads a statement attributed to Jackson’s doctor. “He is responding positively to treatment…”

    New Information on Jesse Jackson Jr.'s Whereabouts

    [CHI] New Information on Jesse Jackson Jr.'s Whereabouts
    Phil Rogers reports on the location of Illinois' missing congressman.
    (Published Thursday, July 12, 2012)

    But a family friend told NBC News Wednesday the congressman has severe clinical depression, a problem with alcohol and is being treated at a facility in Arizona.

    Rev. Jackson said Thursday he is "hopeful" for the recovery but would not comment on the cause of his son's ailment.

    "As a father, I offer no medical diagnosis, only the unconditional love of his family," he said.

    Rev. Jackson Shares Little Detail About Son's Condition

    [CHI] Rev. Jackson Shares Little Detail About Son's Condition
    Rev. Jesse Jackson joins us in Studio 5 to talk about Rainbow Push Coalition's 41st Annual Conference today. He also spoke briefly about his son's ongoing medical condition that's kept him from work for the past month. Rev. Jackson will not reveal what his son is suffering from, but said Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. is under medical supervision and is taking time to recover.
    (Published Wednesday, July 11, 2012)

    The reverend also remained mum about the congressman's exact whereabouts.

    "At some appropriate time I will respond," Rev. Jackson said. "I think he is on the [way to being] well. He is under medical supervision, and I am impressed with his regaining of his strength."