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Jesse Jackson Jr. Present for Abortive Blagojevich Bribe: Witness




    Just a few minutes ago, witness Rajinder Bedi, a former state official in the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity took the stand. 

    Out of the presence of the jury, prosecutors told the judge that Bedi was present at an Oct. 27, 2008 meeting at the 312 Restaurant in the loop with Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr and Indian businessman Raghu Nayek.

    With Jackson sitting there, discussion came up about Jackson's desire to be appointed to the Senate seat. And Nayek asked Bedi to send word to Blagojevich that he would raise a million dollars for Blagojevich if he would appoint Jackson to the Senate seat.

    Bedi testified that when he passed the offer to Robert Blagojevich, he stated flat out that his brother would never appoint Jackson because if his past disloyalty.