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The Strategic Success Behind Ada St.

DMK Restaurant Group goes small, thinks big with latest venture

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Chef Suzy Singh speaks to David Morton of DMK Restaurant Group about their latest venture, Ada St.

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David Morton and Michael Kornick didn't have to look far to find inspiration for their next venture.

The minds behind DMK Restaurant Group transformed their office space into Ada St., a restaurant/bar concept located on a sleepy street around the corner from the intersection of North and Elston.

By the time you sip a custom drink in the plush waiting area or pick out a vinyl album for the bartender to spin on the record player, it becomes pretty clear that this isn't your run-of-the-mill nightlife experience.

The staff includes some notable industry names, including Tim Lacey ( Head Mixologist or "Spiritual Advisor," formerly of the Drawing Room), as well as Chef Zoe Shor (formerly of Bouchon, Beso, and Craft).

Morton passionately believes in investing a great deal of time and resources to his staff, including an ongoing training program and fun perks such as road trips to breweries that help keep everyone motivated.

It would have been easy for the partners to build another of their successful DMK Burger Bars, but the team has other goals in mind.

"We would rather diversify the culinary community in Chicago than build a brand," Morton says.

Ada St. is open Wednesday-Sunday and reservations are required for table service.

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