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Sit or Start: Your Guide to Fantasy Bears vs. Cowboys



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    Jay Cutler

    How did your fantasy football team do last week? At Grizzly Detail headquarters, we went 2-1. If you have Bears on your team, here's how you want to set your roster.


    Matt Forte: Baby Mama Drama aside, Forte looked like his old self last week, receiving for 150 yards and rushing for another 50. Even if he does half of that this week, he'll still be a big earner for your team.


    Jay Cutler
    : Yes, Cutler was a fantasy owner's dream last week, but that was against Detroit, and he still turned the ball over twice. Donovan McNabb completed less than half of his passes. DeMarcus Ware was a monster last week, with six tackles and a sack. Don't expect him to be any different against the Bears and J-Cutty.

    The Bears receivers: The same warning that go with Cutler apply to his receivers. This is even more true when Cutler has so many different targets to hit, and he is yet to pick a favorite.