CTA Will Test ‘All-Door' Bus Boarding This Summer

Passengers soon will be able to enter at the rear door of CTA buses, as part of a pilot program

Two doors are better than one. That's the theory behind a pilot program that the Chicago Transit Authority plans to institute on two routes this summer.

Currently, passengers can only board and pay at the front of the bus, causing long waits and leading to the greater inconvenience of routes getting thrown off schedule.

With all-door boarding, CTA officials said Ventra card readers would be installed near the rear door of the buses to allow for an "enhanced customer experience."

CTA President Dorval Carter said he always tries taking a fresh look at the bus system, trying to make it better.

"Initiatives like this help us gain valuable insights that will shape the future of bus service in Chicago," Carter said.

The pilot is set for the #J14 Jeffrey Jump and #192 U of Chicago Hospital Express routes. Note that cash-only riders still need to board up front.

As with all pilots, the CTA said it will evaluate all-door boarding at the end of the summer and decide next steps, but Carter said he thinks All-Door Boarding could reduce boarding times by 50%.

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