Hammel Scores in ‘Shoot the Puck,' Calls Out Rizzo

Recently, Chicago Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo had a tough time finding the right form as he shot the puck at a Chicago Blackhawks game, but one of his teammates had decidedly more luck on Sunday night at the United Center.

That teammate is Jason Hammel, who will be looking to secure a spot in the team’s rotation when they convene in Arizona for spring training in February. Before he gets back on the mound however, he traded a baseball glove for a hockey stick as he nailed a shot from center ice during the second intermission of the Blackhawks’ victory over the Blues.

He posted a video of the shot on his Twitter account, and even took the chance to talk a little trash to Rizzo:

To his credit, Rizzo had a pretty good retort to his jabs:

We’ll keep you posted if Rizzo demands a rematch on the ice, or if Hammel decides to strut his stuff on the dance floor.

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