Where Did Obama Ball on Election Day? Michael Jordan's Old Gym

A few NBA games will go down tonight, but it's safe to assume most of the world's attention is aimed at MSNBC instead of NBA TV. But this presidential race has been connected to basketball as none before it (apologies to 2000 primary contender Bill Bradley), with lower division college baller Barack Obama on the left and a high school state champion point guard in the GOP's Sarah Palin.

Obama's forays into election day pick-up basketball have been disseminated well; Knicks guard Chris Duhon has reported Barry even talks trash. Of course, Obama played ball this morning. What gym in Chicago did his campaign choose? From NBC Chicago:

Today's two-hour game at Attack Athletics Center in Chicago should come as no surprise. For days, the campaign has been deflecting questions from the media about his election day exercise plans.

Hoops heads see "Attack Athletics" and one name jumps to mind: Michael Jordan. Attack is Tim Grover's famous gym, where MJ went from phenom to Greatest of All Time. Grover was MJ's personal trainer for years; these days, Grover's summer clients include Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, O.J. Mayo ... pretty much the brightest guards in the world. Attack might be the most cited dateline in the run-up to the June draft -- besides IMG in Florida and Joe Abunassar's joint in Las Vegas, Grover trains the cream of every draft class.

Was Attack just the most convenient gym to play at this morning? Maybe. I prefer to think of the decision as a magnificent display of swag. At the very least, it's good vibes.

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