FanHouse Steps Into the Stables at the 2008 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo

In this final video component from FanHouse's trip to the 2008 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, Shane Bacon and myself take a closer look at all of the action that took place away from the dirt in Las Vegas. We talk to some fans, we go inside the locker rooms, Shane tries on a Kevlar vest (then has a staring contest with 2,000 pounds worth of snorting, pawing male bovine), and I get a quick lesson from pro bull rider Wesley Silcox on how to successfuly get tossed from a (mechanical) bull.

If it sounds like a mixed bag of activity, it's because it was. But that doesn't lessen the impact the overall experience had on this first-time rodeo-goer from Brooklyn. In fact, if I had to sum up my rodeo experience, these would be my top three bullet points (which I won't actually bullet for you; I hate unnecessary lists): Bull riders are insane, bronco-busting is an art, and cowboys are extremely friendly dudes. Line item 4a would probably be "chicks dig cowboys," but then I'm sure you didn't need me to attend a rodeo to tell you that.

Anyway, thanks to Wrangler for setting us up. See you at the Garden in early January.

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