Nate Robinson Crosses People Over in Airport

Not even airport patrons are safe when the 5-9 guard has a basketball in his hands

Keep NateRob in CHI
Getty Images

Despite his small stature, Nate Robinson’s personality is just as big as his game. It was for this very reason that Robinson became one of the most beloved players to ever wear a Chicago Bulls uniform.

The 5-9 guard also allows his personality to shine through in social media, particularly on his Instagram page, and something as simple as a routine walk through the airport becomes another stage for Nate Robinson to perform.

Case in point, the guard was walking through an airport terminal with a basketball in hand and began crossing people over while walking past them in the opposite direction. Yes, you read that correctly. Nate Robinson was crossing people over in an airport.

The Instagram video was followed by this caption: "Working on my game in the airport #holdat it Dnt stop .. #basketballneverstops #stateofnate #teamrobinson"

No one seemed to be bothered by this and one woman actually took a swipe at the ball and tried to take it which actually got him excited. Fans of the Denver Nuggets should be thrilled that they have a guy like ‘Nate Rob’ on the team, while Bulls fans will certainly miss what he brought to the team this upcoming season.

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