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Dunn Wants to Play Friday



    Dunn Talks Belly Buttons

    Following an emergency appendectomy, Adam Dunn was more than happy to provide a little levity about his condition. (Published Thursday, April 7, 2011)

    White Sox slugger Adam Dunn, who underwent emergency appendectomy surgery Tuesday, wants to rejoin his team as soon as possible.

    "The timetable's tomorrow...hopefully tomorrow it'll be better, that's what I'm shooting for." Dunn said Thursday during the Sox home opener agains the Rays.  "I'm really disappointed that I'm not playing in this game today"

    Dunn said he started feeling symptoms on Sunday, but wasn't sure what was wrong.

    Monday while watching the news about St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Matt Holliday's appendectomy, Dunn jumped on his computer and researched symptoms.

    "I was like, 'got that, check' and 'that, check'" so Dunn decided to tell the White Sox trainers while playing in Kansas City.

    "I didn't want that to linger too long." Dunn told NBCChicago's Paula Faris. He wanted to play in Thursday's home opener, but now says he is eyeing Friday's game.

    "I can function, I didn't get my leg chopped off" Dunn laughed before trotting out to the 3rd base line for pregame introductions. "I'm still on the team."

    Sox skipper Ozzie Guillen says he doesn't want a guy with a football mentality, despite Dunn's one season as a college football quarterback at Texas.

    "This is a tough kid" Guillen said, "He loves to play, he loves to help." Dunn admits his pain tolerance is "average to extremely good" and although the most time he's missed to injury was "probably a week tops",

    Dunn will be back as soon as the pain subsides. "I feel like when I swing my belly button's shooting at the pitcher". Not good. Not a good visual anyway.

    The Sox won Thursday's game, 5-1.