Sandi Jackson: Jesse's More Likely to Run

Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. is more likely to run for mayor "at this point," his wife, Ald. Sandi Jackson said Monday.

Speaking at a "Put America Back To Work" jobs rally where she was giving away chickens to needy families, Ald. Jackson said she and her husband would have an answer by mid-week.

"I think we're going to have an announcement about that mid-week," said Ald. Jackson. "We've been talking about it at length, we know that this is a very serious time for the City of Chicago, it's not a question we take lightly."

Asked directly whether she was considering running herself, Ald. Jackson said "I have considered it, I'm less inclined to do it at this point."

Ald. Jackson then pivoted to what would seem to be an argument for a Jesse Jr. run, saying that any candidate would need to have a "global" reach that could help companies enter new markets.

"We need someone with that kind of gravitas to steer our country into the future," Ald. Jackson said.

Asked whether Congressman Jackson had that gravitas, Ald. Jackson said "absolutely."

Congressman Jackson planned to attend today's event, but his wife said he couldn't make it because he was sick.  Ald. Jackson refused to answer any questions about the Blagojevich trial and its impact, perceived or real, on either Jacksons' potential candidacy for mayor.

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